How to Install Soffit Vents

How to install soffit vents

You need proper ventilation in order to run your HVAC system effectively and efficiently and that’s why installing a proper soffit vent is critical in maintaining and achieving a good air flow in your roof or attic. Soffit vents allow cool air to flow into the house when the weather is hot. On the other hand, soffit vents also allow warm air out through the roof vents. In colder temperatures, when your HVAC system is working on heating your house, the vents let the moist air flow out. Installing soffit vents is an easy task if you follow the below installation guide.

1. First step is to measure the length and width of the soffit vent before cutting. Make sure that all measurements are correct to save you a lot of time. For example, the standard length of a 16 inch soffit vent is 8 inches wide and 16 inches long. Check your measurements again and you’re ready to move to the next step.

2. In the middle of the soffit vent, pencil in the length and width of the vent. Now with the pencil marks serving the outer measurements, measure a small rectangle  with the sides of 1/2 to 3/4 inches from the sides. Now you’re ready to cut this small area in a rectangle. The margins will be used to nail down your vent into the soffit. When you’re cutting the soffit vent, stay clear of hitting anything that is in your way.

3. Now you’re ready to insert the vent into the pencil marks. Get a few nails and insert them on the pre drilled holes of the soffit vent. Hammer the nails and attached this to the soffit. This is the final step. We recommend using steel fascia but look around other houses and see what you like.

Now that you’re familiar on how to install soffit vents your air ventilation should be improved. Remember a few last HVAC tips when it comes to installing soffit vent: Measurement is key so do it right. Typically for every 150 to 180 square feet of roof or attic floor, one foot of ventilation is needed. Select the type of soffit you want to install, various sizes and materials are available so pick the one that matches your house exterior and that is durable. Lastly, you can paint the soffit vents the color you wish to match the exterior.

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