How to Install HVAC Ducts. Easy steps revealed here!

how to install hvac ducts

How to install HVAC ducts: your home HVAC duct or ductworks is the central point in your home’ heating and cooling system. If your HVAC duct work is not functioning properly, you are wasting a lot of energy not to mention money. How do you know when there’s an issue with your air duct system? For a start,there may be a whistling or popping noise. If the HVAC duct work system is doing this, it may be time to take a look at some preventative repairs.

The duct works system provides a air pathway throughout your home. Let’s take a look at the entire HVAC duct work system so you can understand where to look for when trying to fix an issue that may arise in your home. Keep in mind that there are a total of three parts to the HVAC duct work. The first part of the duct work system is called the air return. This provides an air pathway to all rooms in the house from the air handler located on your furnace. In normal situations fresh air is pumped into the air return system. If mistore is needed, the furnace will add this in this section. Cleaning of the air also takes here. The next step takes place in the air handler where both cold or warm air is blown in to make the environment of your home comfortable. The last part of the system is the conditioning of the air. Once the air is conditioned, the air will enter the rooms providing fresh air.

If you have a newer furnace, you most likely have an HVAC system that has a high velocity duct. This system is similar however, the main difference is that it has smaller sized ducts which makes it easier to install ducts into different areas of the house such as living room, kitchen, bedrooms on either the ceiling, floor or wall. This helps the home owner to better remodel their home if need be since these air ducts are smaller in size. Below you’ll find a video that show you how to install HVAC ducts.

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