How to Balance HVAC Air Flow in Simple Steps

how to balance HVAC air

It’s important to know how to balance your HVAC air flow to keep an effective indoor climate. A good air flow throughout the building or house is needed to achieve your optimal temperature and ventilation. If you have a newer HVAC system installed, you should have no issues in keeping a good air flow however, most times the toll of running the same HVAC system for years can take a toll on the air and ventilation quality. Here are a few tips on how to balance HVAC air flow:


1. Realize that air balance is actually an important part of your entire HVAC system. Having a balanced air flow your HVAC can perform better and therefore last longer to maintain the temperature you desire more efficiently and effectively which can translate into energy savings


2. If your tenants or family members are seeing changes in room temperatures, take note. Example, if your thermostat is running at a set temperature but a few rooms are colder or warmer, that’s a sign of poor air flow. If you’re running an office building and the HVAC system is off, certain offices may be warmer or colder despite a set temperature


3. Regular air vent inspection is required especially where the temperature is not even. Don’t skip this step due to cost. Having a clear air vents checked on a regular basis will save you energy and money in the end. See if you can also adjust the vents perhaps this will improve the air flow and a better air balance can be achieved


4. After reviewing the above tips on how to balance HVAC air flow nothing works, we recommend that you call a licensed HVAC technician to come on site and take a closer look. HVAC air flow is one of the most important areas of a house or building so make sure that you address this by a professional if you’re not sure what steps to take to fix this.

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