Burnham Boilers, an Overview of What to Expect

Burnham boilers

If you’re looking for a made in the USA boiler model, Burnham boilers are some of the best commercial boiler products that you can buy. For starters, their product offering include: Atmospheric boilers, forced draft boilers, high efficiency boilers and boiler controls. Build for commercial and industrial applications, Burnham boilers stand the test of time given their high standard of quality. Burhnam’s R&D department is located in Lancaster, PA and ensures that all boilers meet the performance expectations of the market and safety measures before introducing each boiler to market. All boiler specifications are finalized by Burnham Fundry located in Ohio where the actual manufacturing and assembly takes place. All boilers go through a quality control process before these products get on to the market.

The Burnham Atmospheric boiler product line consists of: series 8H boilers, series 5B boilers and series 4N boilers. The series 8H boilers are best used for large residential or smaller commercial water boiler applications. The 8H design is compact making it easy to install in most boiler rooms. Additional safety feature include blocked vent switch and a flame roll out switch that help switch the boiler off if the flue or chimney  passages are blocked. The efficiency of the Burnham Atmospheric 8H series is 83% which represents a very high rate. Stainless steel baffles are used to slow down the combustion or air flow thereby achieving a high efficiency. The 8H series work on natural gas or LP gas, have a 401 to 1,950 MBH input, atmospheric draft and come as knockdown or assembled sections. The 5H series is essentially the same however, a low drafthood and three firing sequences are available in low-high-off, low-high-low and modular firing sequences.

The Forced Draft boiler offer from Burnharm boilers includes: FD boiler, V9 boiler V11 boiler, series 3F, 4F, 4S, low NOx boiler and a shock proof boiller. The V9 series is the most common among the offering and is ideal for commercial applications regardless of size. The size of the boiler can accommodate going through a 36″ door way and will fit in most areas. The materials used are precision machined cast iron avoiding break down hot flue gases or corrosion. The 4F Burnham boiler is universal in nature and is regarded as the best boiler in the HVAC market. The highlights include: high efficiency three pass firebox design, no costly stack required, forced draft firing with oil, gas or a combination or gas/oil. This boiler is ideal for modular applications, it’s easy to clean and require no special tools. The high efficiency Burnham boilers line up are the MPC boiler, Apex series C series and Steam boilers. The C series meets the ASME code and all units are registered with the National Board. All the steam boilers ensure dry steam by having a feedwater diffuser.

The Burnham controls are SBC and RTC. These boiler controls are used in multiple boiler staging, have a simple system integration and have a diagnostic and status display. The Burnham controls are available in MPC, full burners. These controls also help increase operational efficiency and save costs. If you’re looking for a boiler don’t hesitate to look closer at a Burnham boilers for your commercial or industrial needs. Having met the compliance requirements of ASME and by using quality, precision machined parts, you’re sure to get your investment back in a short period. High efficiency with the easy of storing, these Burnham boilers make the ideal fit when looking at a small or large industrial project.

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